Small Prolog


A small post just to break the blog hiatus. Once upon a time there was a Prolog interpreter that was used in the Windows NT kernel. You can read about it here. The code is in the public domain and years ago I had downloaded from the net. It seems that it took me close to 8 years to put it on GitHub, for software archaeologists to dig into if they like.




2 Responses to “Small Prolog”

  1. atomontage Says:

    I looked through the references you provided and I couldn’t find anything that pointed to smallprolog being used *in* the NT kernel.

    The network configuration example describes a .CPL file (Windows control panel extension – really a DLL – and operates in userland).

    Windows actually using Prolog in any way is of course interesting in itself, but a Prolog interpreter *in the actual kernel* would be something else entirely!

    On a similar note, OSX uses tinyscheme for its sandbox implementation [1], but the Scheme part takes place in userland.

    [1] https://dl.packetstormsecurity.net/papers/general/apple-sandbox.pdf

    • adamo Says:

      You might have a point there and thanks for the comment. I have somewhat reproduced what others were saying before me some 20 years ago. So it might be inaccurate. I cannot even remember when was the first time I got hand of Prolog living inside NT. It sure must have been even before the effort of kudzu being rewritten in Haskell (RedHat – did this ever complete?).

      Thanks for the tinyscheme link. I did not know about that. DSouflis must be proud.

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