100.000 disclaimers δεν κάνουν μία γνώμη προσωπική


In dealing with customers and outsiders, remember that you represent the company, ostensibly with full responsibility and authority.

You may be only a few months out of college, but most outsiders will regard you as a legal, financial, and technical agent of your company in all transactions, so be careful of your commitments.”

[via “The Unwritten Laws of Engineering“, 1944]


4 Responses to “100.000 disclaimers δεν κάνουν μία γνώμη προσωπική”

  1. mfukar Says:

    It’s more like the classic movie line:

    “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you..”

    After all, people are scum.

    • adamo Says:

      No it is not. W. J. King wrote this in 1944, while Miranda occurred in 1966.

      Actually what he wrote is even more serious: No matter what you may say, people will always perceive that you speak on behalf of your employer, even when you state that your personal opinion is different than the official one.

      This in turn means that if you are not cautious, your opinions will cause problems in the relationship of the customer with your employer and in the relationship between you and your employer.

      No matter what you believe, you are always a public voice of your employer, even outside working hours. And even worse, inside the organization your opinion is perceived as the opinion of your department.

      You may not like it, but it is a (sometimes sad) fact of work life.

      • Aristotelhs Says:

        And even worse, inside the organization your opinion is perceived as the opinion of your department.

        That is something that you see it in excess at the greek army. People that have been there should have learned this by now, except if they are bad learners like me :p

      • mfukar Says:

        I was actually interested in another POV: the one where people (OK, ‘some’ people) will regard you as a representative *because* they want to hurt your employer.

        Same thing happens inside an organization. If people (again, ‘some’ people) want to offload their fuckups onto you, they will in fact disregard you as an entity.

        It’s a more interesting POV, not because I assume individuals should bear less responsibility or should be given a break, but people feel safer attacking on a ‘my dept vs your dept’ level. And it happens daily in our country lately, in so many different aspects of social life.. :-)

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