arfparse is a utility used to parse mailbox archives and extract ARF information, as described in RFC 5965An Extensible Format for Email Feedback Reports“.

It is meant to work as a preliminary processor, therefore output of the program is kept as simple as possible. Example usage:

$ arfparse -m ~/mail/aol.net

This will extract ARF information sent from scomp@aol.net assuming the FBL reports are archived in ~/mail/aol.net

arfparse is developed on OpenBSD with Panda-IMAP and should work with UW-IMAP too. It is the product of structured procrastination.

You can grab arfparse via subversion:

svn checkout https://rainbow.cs.unipi.gr/svn/arfparse

Feel free to send me flames, suggestions and improvements.

PS: Yes, I would post about arfparse in the comments section here, but comments seem to be locked for now.