«There’s no positive consequence to taking risk in government»


Nicely put:

“Okay, I’m going to just keep my head down and do what I’ve always done, because then I can be the most productive.” So, from the outside, after it runs for many, many years, it gets really broken. And part of that, I think is because it’s not only a lack of accountability. There’s also a lack of reward system for taking any risks. There’s only a negative consequence to taking risk. There’s no positive consequence to taking risk in government.»

See? Not only in the Greek public sector.

One Response to “«There’s no positive consequence to taking risk in government»”

  1. dandraka Says:

    Nicely put indeed.

    I have long argued, whenever anyone mentions that Greece is a «special case» that outsiders just «don’t understand», that this view is not just myopic, it’s basically utter BS.

    There is nothing new under the sun; the semi-failed state that is Greece is not «special». It’s just the way the incentives are aligned.


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