ISOC Perspectives on Domain Name System (DNS) Filtering

The Internet Society (ISOC) posted its views on DNS filtering. They are excellently summed up by the ISOC in a single phrase:

The real solution is international cooperation.

The reality though is that DNS filtering is here to stay. And it is here to stay because its initial deployment is far more easier than attacking the problem to its source via international cooperation.

So until DNS filtering (and supporting users mainly) starts costing Service Providers a lot, as in costing that much that it makes international cooperation cost less (even with the bureaucracy involved) it is a fact of everyday life that we have to get used to. Just imagine debugging not being able to access a single site, while at the same time all antivirus vendors run their own private, and allowed to be queried only by machines running their products (a “value added service”), resolvers.

Sad but true.

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