Bluefire Reader


Thanks to Bluefire Reader I can now read ePubs and PDFs with Adobe DRM (like the ones I’ve bought from ebooks.com) using the iPad.


3 Responses to “Bluefire Reader”

  1. UrBaN Says:

    Για δοκίμασε και το Stanza αν δεν το’χεις κάνει ήδη…Είναι εξαιρετικό.

  2. betabug Says:

    Did you replace the BeBook reader with the iPad?

    What is your experience with the BeBook after using it for some while now? Still recommended?

  3. adamo Says:

    Έβαλα και το Stanza. Έχει περίπου το look-and-fell του Bluefire Reader και το πλεονέκτημα πως διαβάζει αρχεία DJVU.

    I am still a very statisfied owner of a BeBook Mini. However the Mini with its 6″ screen is not suitable for reading papers, mathematics or other technical documentation. It is excellent for literature, especially when reading ePub documents. I still use it daily while on the bus and I think I’ve charged it three times within a year.

    The proper screen size for a reading device is that of the iPad. However at the same price of a big ePaper/eInk device one can buy the iPad and have a PDF reader (iBooks, GoodReader), Adobe DRM reader (Bluefire Reader) ePub and DJVU reader (Stanza) plus a Kindle! So there really is no question on what to buy when having such a budget. The downside with the iPad as a reading device is that you (at least I) cannot read for as long as when reading on the BeBook Mini.

    If you read a lot, go for a BeBook and the like. If you want to study technical documentation and mathematics, go for an iPad or other similar in screen size tablet.

    (You should also know that I got my iPad 1 second hand)

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