Question for CISA holders: What is your CPE credit strategy?


ISACA informed last week that my application for CISA got accepted. I had passed the exam quite some time ago, but since no professional certification is particularly helpful in the Greek Public Sector I was reluctunt in applying. I finally made up my mind and now I need to dance the steps. So as the subject says, the question is simple:

– What is your strategy in earning CPEs ?

I’ve read the relevant ISACA provided information, but I am particularly interested in what CISA holders in Greece do to keep up. So if you can answer, or forward a link to this post to someone who can provide (even minimal) information / guidance, I would appreciate it.


4 Responses to “Question for CISA holders: What is your CPE credit strategy?”

  1. The easiest way to gain CPEs is to attend ISACA’s online webminars, they have one every month. These webminars allocate 3 CPE each, so you can easily gather the 20 you need (out of 36 available)

    Conferences is always a nice source of CPEs as well, but heavily depends on who organizes it. Usually most security conferences will allow for some CPEs

    Lastly, ISACA’s online journal (or via the magazine) provides 1 CPE / month. It’s a multiple choice question test, so quite easy to do

  2. HaPagan Says:

    I will agree with Dimitris.

    In general, security / audit related conferences, books, magazines and / or trainings can be used to provide evidence of your continuing professional education (CPE).

    A very good source for the aforementioned material is the official web site of ISACA and several other security related international organisations (i.e. ISC2, etc.).

  3. fragkio Says:

    Just to mention that as this is your first year as CISA it is not required to submit your CPEs.

  4. cisa exam Says:

    Yes! I totally agree with you folks. And this site also hosts professional seminars and conferences. Participating in non-ISACA activities like university courses, seminars, conferences, in-house corporate training and professional meetings can also count as CPE hours. And completing university courses in relative fields can earn you several CPE hours. This site is definitely helpful thanks. cisa exam

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