tunnelbroker.net and DragonFlyBSD


If you want to use your tunnelbroker.net interface with a DragonFlyBSD endpoint, the commands are similar to those for FreeBSD:

ifconfig gif0 create
gifconfig gif0 inet Client_IPv4_address Server_IPv4_address
ifconfig gif0 inet6 Client_IPv6_address Server_IPv6_addrees prefixlen 128
route -n add -inet6 default Server_IPv6_address
ifconfig gif0 up

Tested with DragonFlyBSD 2.4.1


7 Responses to “tunnelbroker.net and DragonFlyBSD”

  1. In FreeBSD this also works in /etc/rc.conf

    gifconfig_gif0=”Client_IPv4_address Server_IPv4_address”
    ipv6_ifconfig_gif0=”Client_IPv6_address Server_IPv6_addrees”

  2. Btw, which ISP are you using to access tunnelbroker.net? At my workplace they(we) block 6in4 packets :(

    • adamo Says:

      I am tempted to say mine but then I would contradict myself :)

      Anyway, I am thinking of implementing an OpenVPN solution, similar to Teredo.

      BTW, doesn’t your NOC have an IPv6 feed with GRNET?

      • kouk Says:

        Teredo seems cool. I’m itching to play the new game but our (in the associative sense not the possesive) KISS network policy means IPv6 is blocked at the edge.

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