Would you click on a link that contains Punycode?

Following a previous discussion on this blog I just posted the following question on Hacker News:

Would you click on (or type) a link that contains Punycode? Or even on a link that contains localized characters? Example:

http://www.εδετ.gr and http://www.xn--pxabb4d.gr (they are the same site).

Or would you consider them phising “faster” than a latin spelled URL?

(The example I am giving is a legitimate site)

Comments are not closed, but please comment on Hacker News if you want to.

2 thoughts on “Would you click on a link that contains Punycode?

  1. I never realized so far, but indeed I’d be skeptical with clicking on a localized-transcoded (punycoded, if you prefer) URL. Mostly because all (non-Greek) I’ve seen so far lead to Chinese scam sites. But then again, I’m thinking, how are localized URLs different than short URLs that everyone is using on twitter these days?

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