Windows shutdown

This is a photograph that I took while passing by a colleague’s desk:


I know that at the end of the day everyone wants to go home (or for a walk, or whatever) but please wait the extra seconds to make sure that your computer actually shut down. What if it was Friday?

9 thoughts on “Windows shutdown

  1. Even Windows are more responsive if you use the proper interface:

    shutdown /s /t 0 /f

  2. @Michael Iatrou: I’d like to see you explain to the users that they have to enter that command in a command prompt every afternoon… :-D

    @adamo: On Fridays, most users are in such a hurry that they don’t even bother to initiate a shutdown…

  3. Αυτό, και ενίοτε ένα κολλημένο “Windows is trying so hard to save your settings…” (το “so hard” είναι εσκεμμένο, προφανώς :).

    Τώρα, η shutdown /s /t 0 /f μπορεί πάντα να μπει σε ένα .cmd αρχείο και να εκπαιδευτεί ο χρήστης να κάνει διπλό κλικ σε σχετικό shortcut αντί του κλασικού κλεισίματος των Windows, δεν είναι;

  4. You can always implement a policy of some sort in the Windows domain. “Hi people, PCs will be powered off every Friday at 19:00”. Then add Michael’s command in a domain controller script … assuming there is a windows domain ;)

  5. @mperedim:
    There is no Windows domain. I try to minimize entropy growth. Had there been a Windows domain, there would be as many policies as the users :(

    Για το batch το οποίο θα το κάνει(;) click ο χρήστης, έμμεσα απάντησε ο συνονόματος.

    (Σκέφτομαι να φτιάξω μια πασιέντζα που όταν κάνει exit να κάνει και shutdown το μηχάνημα)

  6. are you sure that your colleague will read your blog?
    cause if not, he will never learn about this. i guess

    in these simple cases better try to talk to your colleagues first :)


    1. I used this incident as a chance to write for the general case (annoying windows pop up sometimes when shutting down Windows and people do not pay attention to them). This is obvious. Had I wanted to educate the colleague I would have just phoned him.

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