Improve something today

John Miller over at the Gemba Panta Rei blog asks: “What Did You Improve Today? If Not, Why?

He then proceeds to write on how devoting a few minutes per day for personal kaizen can cause small but daily changes and improvements in our life. He even cites a personal example. Somehow, I find the “What did you improve today?” question together with the “do not break the chain” approach from Seinfeld very motivating.

Oh well, I guess it is time to finally sit down and finish that awful project that has landed on me and then move on the interesting stuff that are set aside and waiting for the awful project to finish.

2 thoughts on “Improve something today

  1. pet projects and a few minutes activities are a destruction from office reality or not? if yes, are we moving towards kaizen or not?

  2. I am no kaizen expert; I like the concept but I lack the documentation (yet). However, my pet projects have the tendency of transofrming to work projects :)

    As to whether sparing a few minutes per work-shift to optimize work-related stuff and procedures, I think it is a good thing. As long as it is kept to “a few minutes” and not used as an excuse to not do the actual work.

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