re: Meet Firestatus

chstath writes:

“But your friends don’t seem to have reached a consensus about THE social network”

So why not try and build a meta-social network platform? I once read that “Social network platforms are islands condemned to communicate via SMTP. It’s BBS all over again!”*. Oh wait, Firestatus seems to be that kind of glue too! Good work guys. Now please integrate with SMTP. You have friends that neither follow you on twitter, nor are subscribed in any social network platform and miss references like this one.



[*] – Unfortunately, I cannot find the reference


2 thoughts on “re: Meet Firestatus

  1. Σκέφτομαι να προσθέσω το “adamo” στο για να περιγράφει αυτό ακριβώς που αναφέρεις Παναγιώτη :-P

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