Social Network Analysis and Cyberwarfare

From “Social Network Analysis and Cyber Warfare: An Open Source Project“:

“We’ll be looking not only at network data involved in past cyber warfare attacks (Chechnya, Estonia, and Georgia), but incorporating semantic analysis of Russian hacker blogs in an effort to uncover connections that may not be readily apparent. If this model proves efficacious, we’ll launch a second effort examining Chinese cyber warfare/espionage activities.”

Given the fact that it is not entirely clear whether the cyberwar between Russia and Georgia was the result of a cyberwarfare capability or a civilian effort triggered by the non-cyberspace warfare and nationalistic reflexes, this sounds like a very interesting (and dangerous one may think) project for people with strong background on both graph theory (and its use in sociometrics) and network data analysis. I suppose that people at the “proper places” have already deployed resources on this issue, but it is always interesting to openly read about such efforts.

Some serious questions do arise, though.

[I have to make time and read “Unrestricted Warfare“]

[via SOCNET]

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