Scott Yanoff’s internet services list

This is a question that I asked during my presentation at the GBC08:


How many people remember what this is?

9 thoughts on “Scott Yanoff’s internet services list

  1. Not only do I remember what it is, I use finger quite often (though rarely over the network). The given example just times out for me. Ever since IIRC the original Internet worm abused a hole in the finger protocol, people were afraid of finger (which is kind of stupid, since holes can be fixed, and finger could be taught to give useful and not too revealing information).

  2. Τι μου θύμησες τώρα… το finger (και εν συνεχεία το talk) το χρησιμοποιούσαμε για να βρίσκουμε κοπέλες από την ΑΣΟΕΕ (aueb) και να μιλάμε στα μπλιμπλίκια.

  3. I believe that quite a few people still remember this. I suppose people also remember email to ftp gateways and other things like that…

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