The GBC experience

I just returned from the GBC 2008. Great fun and interesting stuff. Highly reinvigorating when you are in the midst of a lot of things. Some observations:

  • Matt Mullenweg rules!
  • So does Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, who by the way gave the most interesting presentation (Boris, Patrick thanks for the beers).
  • After all these years I finally met in person MarkP and GeorgeP. It is a pitty that we did not have much time to catch up. We will catch up next year.

There must be rivers of beer on Ios island…

6 thoughts on “The GBC experience

  1. We definitely need to catch up next year Jiorgh (or even sooner if possible).

    BTW I do admit I felt kinda moody and nostalgic to those fun times we all once had when attending your (rich and interesting) presentation.

    Old times, good times.

    Take care ;)

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