Διαβάζοντας τις “Περιπέτειες ενός dba – part II” θυμήθηκα το alt.sysadmin.recovery USENET group. Από το FAQ του:

1.1) What is alt.sysadmin.recovery?

Alt.sysadmin.recovery is for discussion by recovered and recovering sysadmins.
It is a forum for mutual support and griping over phenomenally stupid users,
mind-bogglingly unhelpful tech support, surprisingly lousy software,
astonishingly deficient hardware, and generally how idiotic this job is.
Think of it as a virtual pub where we can all go after hours to gripe about
our job.  Since the concept of "after hours" is unknown to your average
sysadmin, we have this instead.

Warning: If you are a user, you may well see your sysadmin posting messages
about how stupid YOU are.  (But none of us will be surprised when you fail
to take heed of this warning.)

Πως το λέει ο Μοναρχίξ; “Ώρες-ώρες είμαι πολύ κουρασμένος…


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